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David Michaeloff
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David Michaeloff is a software engineer specializing in web development. His background ranges from large corporations to start-ups, and from enterprise software to mobile apps. He has a passion for educational software and video marketing creation. His educational app "Math Castle" can be found on the Apple App Store, and his recent video work at: weblamb.com/video-marketing


Dana Michaeloff is an MBA in marketing and computer information systems. She has years of experience as a marketing manager successfully leading cross-functional teams through all phases of project lifecycles. Her focus on education is especially seen through her dedication to building a school library and leading her school's Music Docent program.


The project started as an effort to help my kids with a spelling bee using audio instead of just visual quizzing. It expanded into an effort to provide any student with a free way to build their vocabulary—without ads. My hope is to expand the word library, include subjects like science, history and geography, and add word games such as Mad Libs.


Thank you to my children, Jason and Maya, and my family for their support. Thank you to the teachers, students and friends for their testing and input, as well as Jennie Lambert for web tools and training.


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