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This "vocabulary quiz" -- "word quiz" is dynamically generated from an assortment of common SAT vocabulary.
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1.   laudable (adj.):
      Situated within the walls of a city.
      Pertaining to a formal presentation.
      Noisily or offensively loud or clamorous.
2.   maharaja (n.):
      Testimony legally taken on interrogatories and reduced to writing, for useas evidence in court.
      A great Hindu prince.
3.   refragable (adj.):
      Capable of being refuted.
      Capable of being appealed to.
      Of no avail or effect.
      Not exactly according to the facts.
4.   infuse (v.):
      To cause to be less harsh, violent, or severe, as excitement, appetite, pain,or disease.
      To instill, introduce, or inculcate, as principles or qualities.
      To exist at a period or in a state earlier than something else.
      To render virtuous.
5.   encyclical (adj.):
      Having an odor, especially a fragrant one.
      Pertaining to a period of 300 years.
      Being present everywhere.
      Intended for general circulation.
6.   accelerate (v.):
      To describe by distinctive marks or peculiarities.
      To predetermine.
      To assign or affix a date to earlier than the actual one.
      To move faster.
7.   imbroglio (n.):
      A place for the reception or treatment of the sick.
      Excessive production.
      A misunderstanding attended by ill feeling, perplexity, or strife.
      An abstract.
8.   dissolution (n.):
      A breaking up of a union of persons.
      A rustic.
      A wooden hammer.
      Hemp-fiber obtained by untwisting and picking out loosely the yarns of old hemprope.
9.   transition (n.):
      The call for a repetition, as of some part of a play or performance.
      Passage from one place, condition, or action to another.
      Three things grouped or associated together.
      The having, holding, or detention of property in one's power or command.
10.   intricacy (n.):
      A person to whom money has been or is to be paid.
      The principle and practice of depicting persons and scenes as they are believedreally to exist.
      A stone coffin or a chest-like tomb.

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By: Vladimir Sutskever
Last modified on 01-06-2006