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This "vocabulary quiz" -- "word quiz" is dynamically generated from an assortment of common SAT vocabulary.
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1.   philander (v.):
      To play at courtship with a woman.
      To eject.
      To calm the violence or reduce the intensity of; mitigate.
      To excite ill temper or impatience in.
2.   intemperance (n.):
      A member of an ancient Roman legion or of the modern French Legion of Honor.
      The making of dictionaries.
      Immoderate action or indulgence, as of the appetites.
      Sourness, with bitterness and astringency.
3.   outpost (n.):
      A detachment of troops stationed at a distance from the main body to guardagainst surprise.
      A little leaf or a booklet.
      A title of dignity, office, or courtesy.
      A will.
4.   ministration (n.):
      Interruption or intermission.
      Matter that settles to the bottom of a liquid.
      Any religious ceremonial.
      one who supplies
5.   recruit (v.):
      To change the purpose or alter the plans of by persuasion, counsel, orpleading.
      To enlist men for military or naval service.
      To abridge.
      To set right, as a wrong by compensation or the punishment of the wrong-doer.
6.   lune (n.):
      A woman who has never been married.
      Any large animal, as a whale.
      Modernized Latin.
      The moon.
7.   predecessor (n.):
      Helpful result.
      A name wrongly or mistakenly applied.
      An incumbent of a given office previous to another.
      The act of repeating.
8.   immaculate (adj.):
      Scornfully or bitterly sarcastic.
      Following the exact words.
      Without spot or blemish.
      Capable of feeling of suffering.
9.   powerless (adj.):
      Very offensive, particularly to the sense of smell.
      Contributing to personal advantage.
      Directed toward knowledge for its own sake without respect toapplications.
10.   crematory (adj.):
      Lying prone, or with the head to the ground.
      Lasting or continuous through life.
      A place for cremating dead bodies.

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By: Vladimir Sutskever
Last modified on 01-06-2006